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AGSJ Story: The idea for the All Girl Skate Jam originated in 1990 when soul skater and board sport photographer Patty Segovia organized the first girls skateboarding demo in Reno, Nevada. Danny Way was a judge and Frank Hawk (Tony Hawks dad) sanctioned the contest. Seven years later, in 1997 she decided to take her Sociology degree from University of California-Santa Barbara and create a social movement calling it the All Girl Skate Jam. She pooled her resources from the board sports world along with contacting every female skateboarder she knew and held her first All Girl Skate Jam competition in Escondido, California. A collective consciousness of women sent shock waves through the male dominated skateboard industry. Since 1997 All Girl Skate Jam has held annual skateboard competitions spanning from the North Shore of Oahu to San Sebastian, Spain. All Girl Skate Jam keeps expanding into new areas such as apparel, hard goods, and a TV show.
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