Founder’s Bio

Patty Segovia
Soul skater, photographer and author Patty Segovia organized the first professional all girls skateboard contest and called it the All Girl Skate Jam (AGSJ) in 1997. This began the annual AGSJ skateboard events which have spanned the globe from North Shore of Oahu to San Sebastian, Spain. All Girl Skate Jam is featured every Summer on the Vans Warped Tour.

Its inclusive philosophy is reflected in its motto — “All ages, all abilities, all girls.”

Patty Segovia was born & raised in LA. Her latina upbringing made it difficult for her to pursue her passion of exploring LA on a skateboard. At 18 she was finally free, grabbed her skateboard, took off and never looked back. LA was a great place to be a skateboarder…During a 1990 summer in Reno, NV building skate ramps she held an informal all girl skateboarding competition. She placed 3rd and her new friend CB Burnside (now Olympian snowboarder and legend vert skater) took first. Danny Way was a judge and Frank Hawk (Tony Hawks dad) sanctioned the contest.

For the next six years Patty worked on her Sociology degree at UC-Santa Barbara. In between studies she skateboarded, snowboarded, surfed and worked as a professional board sports photographer focusing on the girls. When Patty graduated she felt there was still a void in the skateboard industry. So in 1997  she took her sociology degree and started the All Girl Skate Jam. Ever since she keeps pushing the movement forward and has created a successful skate brand All Girl Skate Jam. In the end her LA/latina upbringing mixed with a UCSB sociology degree helped spark a girls skateboarding revolution which is still in motion…

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