Skategirl Documentary 2006

AGSJ perform at Lingerie Fashion Week

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Tony Hawk talks about girls skateboarding

Leticia Bufoni – Secret

Eliana Sosco

Leticia Bufoni- Children of the Revolution

I Skate, Therefore I Am interviews Patty

If life was easy, then everybody would be Tony Hawk or Patty Segovia. Unfortunately, you have to train hard to be Tony Hawk and you have to work hard to get an international skateboard organization running. That’s what Patty Segovia has been doing for the past 21 years: running All Girl Skate Jam that she created from scratch in summer of 1990. And it’s not an easy job. On top of that, she is a writer, a journalist, a photograph, a mother, a skater-surfer-snowboarder and probably a couple of other things that she keeps secret.

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Concrete Disciples article

After having heard about Patty Segovia’s All-Girl Skate Jam series for the past 10 years, I was excited to receive an invite for the miniramp contest at this year’s Warped Tour in Carson, CA. I was so excited that I showed up before the ramp was even built, and I watched as the wave of screamo/pop-punk enthusiasts rolled in to watch the bands and AGSJ’s fashion show/skate contest/concert.

The event kicked off with a fashion show showcasing some of the latest AGSJ designs and Stila’s line of beauty products and make-up.

Can you Kickflip Documentary

Can you Kickflip?

AGSJ@Vans Warped Tour

AGSJ Event @ Vans Warped Tour

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